Working with the worlds biggest brand

At the time of taking the brief, Scotland was one of the only countries in the world where Coke wasn't the most popular soft drink. Irn Bru was the nation’s favourite.

Part of the strategy to connect with Scottish consumers was to do so 'after dark’. We created a multi-channel campaign called 'Coke Centrestage', inviting grass roots bands to submit their best songs via our microsite for a chance to play at one of two live gigs.

A panel of well known music figures and DJs helped to promote the campaign via radio and then shortlisted the best songs, after which the public then voted for their favourite two songs.

The winning bands got to support Idelewild at Carling Academy and Goldfrapp at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh at two live gigs.

Coca Cola - Web visual

Coke Christmas

One of my most memorable coke projects was a christmas campaign where we took over the famous Coke sign at Piccadilly Circus.

Today, this would have been enabled through the Twitter API but this was user generated content in a time before social media.

Our idea was to allow people to post a message via our microsite, or send a txt and see their message appear on the famous landmark.

Thousands of people took part and the activity resulted in 3 marriage proposals being made through the system.