Working with the worlds coolest hi-fi maker

Linn Products are a genuine Scottish success story, they’ve been making some of the best hi-fi equipment in the world since they were founded in the 1970s.

At Frame Digital I had the privilege of winning and spearheading a number of projects with them. The first project was to evolve Linn's new ‘Just Listen’ brand positioning into a best-in-class website and bring together their blog, forum, music store and product websites at

Being in the business of product development, Linn were keen to take an agile approach to the project and so we identified high level milestones and split the project into two week sprints which also served as stakeholder reviews.

Through a series of customer and UX workshops, we crafted every aspect and detail of the site together, building a narrative that told the story of Linn and their love of music.

Linn - web visual

Following the successful delivery of the website I began working with the software and UI teams, providing UX and visual design services for a suite of software products that included:

  • Linn Music Centre (now Kazoo on AppStore)

    PC, Mac and iOS software to allow users to play and control music through a Linn Digital Streamer (DS)

  • Setup wizard

    Software to help simplify connecting to and setting up a Linn DS over a home network

  • Songcast

    Configuration software to control Songcast, similar to Apple’s AirPlay

  • Songbox

    Media Server configuration software

  • Konfig

    DS configuration software

Linn Kazoo - App visual