Working on a multi-award winning campaign for our National Library

At Frame Digital I lead the digital side of a hugely successful campaign to publicise the National Library of Scotland's exhibition "Scotland at the cinema". The creative concept was 'Scotified' film posters, based on Scottish humour and this provided the bedrock for what became a very successful social media campaign.

To make the campaign a success I knew we had to do more than simply ask consumers to share a witty Scottish title through Facebook. For the idea to work and become viral I knew it had to be more visual and so I designed a custom Facebook app to allow users to create their own posters in the same style as the originals.

National Library of Scotland - Posters


Posters were generated as image files and posted to Facebook from the app where they could be liked, shared and commented upon. This gave the idea the platform on which to become truly viral. We then seeded some of the original posters and invited everyone else to create their own through the app.

More than 1,000 posters were generated in week 1 and within a fortnight our client’s Facebook followers were increased by 50%. Following requests by Facebook fans, prints of the original posters were sold in the library shop.

National Library Scotland - Facebook App


For me, the most significant measurement of success was when my dad stumbled upon the campaign (un-prompted) and created posters of his own and then shared them with me, urging me to have a go and telling me how great the app was!

The campaign was awarded at the 2013 Scottish Creative Awards for 'Integrated Campaign', 'Integrated Strategy', Public Sector Advert, Copywriting, 6-4 or smaller sheet poster and it also won the 'Grand Prix'.